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February 4th, 2023


Lindsey Conde Benefit

On August 1st, Lindsey found out she has invasive ductal carcinoma, or breast cancer. Lindsey made the decision to be aggressive and move forward with a double mastectomy. Her surgery was on September 26th.  During the surgery, it was determined that the cancer had already begun to spread through the veins in her breast. Lymph nodes were removed to be tested. They thankfully came back clear.


Since Lindsey’s cancer is estrogen fed, she met with gynecology to figure out the best course of action. It has been suggested she have her ovaries removed. Although the ovaries will need to come out,  Lindsey is not certain when. Lindsey is potentially going to have 3 surgeries, which means a lot of healing and time off of work.


Even with all of this going on, Lindsey is most worried about how this affects her children. It has been difficult for her kids watching Lindsey navigate through recovery while also not knowing exactly what the next steps are.