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Stein Holding Contest

Stein Holding Contest!

Hofbrau Stein Holding Contests at Loopy's! Join us this summer for your chance to win at Masskrugstemmen!


This challenge is a Bavarian sport consisting of lifting of a liter mug of beer. The “Masskrug”, a 1-liter Stein, is to be held with one arm, completely stretched out and parallel to the floor – the goal is simple: to hold the Stein up as long as possible. It’s a balance between the right technique and strength. The full 1-liter “Mass” weighs about 5 lbs.!


Loopy’s will be holding local competitions on May 31st, June 14th, June 21st, July 5th, July 26th and August 2nd is the finals. $10 entry gets you a FREE stein to keep and filled with Hofbrau. Men's & Women's categories with a MAX of 20 competitors per category per date. Loopy's Winner gets a trip to New York to compete in September. Winner in New York then goes on to Munich! For all details and rules, visit

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