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2018 Winter/Spring Volleyball

Loopy's 2018 winter/spring volleyball season starts the week of January 7th. The entry fee is $210 per team if paid by November 30th. The entry fee is $240 if you have not paid before December 1st. No spots will be guaranteed until all fees are paid in full and sign-ups are turned in. If you reserve a spot & drop out, your fee will not be returned unless your spot can be refilled. A lot of work goes into making schedules and organizing leagues. As a courtesy, please let us know as soon as possible that your team will not be playing. 

Individual signatures are not required until the first night of play. (Captains: do not sign others names on rosters. You will be held responsible for players you have signed for.) Team member's signatures are required before they are allowed to participate. On your roster please indicate which night of play you choose and whether you prefer division A, B, or C. Please note: your league preference is not guaranteed. 

Loopy's Offers 3 Leagues To Choose From

Night League: 6PM-10:35PM on Sundays (5PM), Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, or Friday.

Late Night League: 11:20 PM - 1:20 AM on Sunday, Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, or Friday.

Sunday Afternoon League: 1PM-5PM

ATTN: Last year Winter/Spring league players. You have until Nov. 30th to submit your paid roster to be guranteed a spot in our 2018 Winter/Spring League. All other previous Loopy's teams have until Dec. 7th to gurantee a spot. All new teams will be placed after Dec. 7th. All teams submit rosters and fees as soon as possible. New teams will be taken on a 1st paid basis. If you do not get a spot, your entry fees will be refunded.

If your team played here last year, please indicate the team name on the sign up form and season you played. You may choose a different leauge than the one you chose before. Try to pick a league most suitable for your playing ability, this makes the league more fun for all who participate.

Please advise your server of your team name upon ordering any items. Please keep sales receipts to verify your points. Teams with the highest point totals will also have choice of league, night, and division. Previous winter/spring & previous Sunday & Monday teams will have first choice of open league spots for winter/spring leagues.

Setting the serve will be allowed. All leagues are 6 person co-ed leagues. The teams must consist of at least 3 women. If a team is short 1 player and a sub cannot be found, the team may play with 5 players (3 women and 2 men). 4 person teams will not be allowed to play 6 person co-ed. There are 12 people allowed per team. This will allow each team up to 6 subs for the season. If your team forfeits more than twice in either half of the season, your team may be replaced by another. Rules will be followed or teams will be asked not to play in the league. Please take note: There will be NO cigarettes allowed in the dome and no glass or food allowed in the volleyball courts. NO children are allowed on courts during league times. Children will be attended to at all times and are not allowed inside of the building without their parent/guardian attending them. Children that are disrupting other customers will be asked to leave.

Absolutely NO CARRY INS! If there is a specific product you would like, we would be more than happy to carry it for you. If you carry in beverages, your team will no longer be allowed to play in the Loopy's Volleyball League and your entry fee will not be returned. This includes bottled water and sports drinks. As a team you are required to read these rules. By signing this sign up form, you agree that you have read all of the rules and agree to play by them. These rules are necessary to make everyone's volleyball night out at Loopy's more fun.

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